Two New Multiplayer Games!

Published: March 09, 2021

I have been working on a simple online-server structure for some multiplayer web-games! I have created two simple games called Sketch It and Yarn based on some old classics that are now available in an early beta form. Grab some friends and try them out!

The game server is hosted on a separate machine and I have purposefully separated the game accounts from this website's accounts so you will not be able to log in to the game with your current account as of yet. Account linking will be added later. You can create a game account through the game or you can play as a guest. The only benefit to game accounts at the moment is being able to reserve a custom name.

I plan on creating more multiplayer games down the road and implementing rankings, awards, and all sorts of goodies that tie the games together as one big 'world' of games. For now the system needs a bit more testing before I expand it further. If you come across any issues, please let me know!