Change of Scope

Published: December 10, 2022

The past couple years I had maintained this site with the hopes of it being a resource for programmers and gamers alike. I provided extensions, maintained an API for online highscores, and provided a few games to play.

Unfortunately the amount of work required to maintain the accounts, the extensions themselves, and the API was simply not justified by the amount of usage they were receiving.

I have had account creation closed for a while and the old accounts have pretty much dried up in activity. As there are an abundance of websites that provide similar functionality I am taking this opportunity to change the scope of this site.

Public access to my API will no longer be provided. User accounts and their access keys will no longer be supported and will be purged from the databases. As I have not seen any recent activity with the API (aside from my own projects) I do not see there being much friction on this matter.

The focus of this website and my own personal efforts will instead shift as a means to host my personal games as well as any related devlogs. I expect things to move slowly at first but I have a large number of project ideas I wish to work on.

In terms of extension documentation, it will stay up for the time being but I will likely begin pulling down pages of extensions that become increasingly outdated and rely on old versions of GameMaker.

I'm sad to close up shop, so to speak, but I am also looking forward to having that much more time to work on my own things and share them with everyone.

So, without further ado, I have games to make. Thanks for reading!