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Crypto FAQ

I sent funds but it says I still need to send them. Did it go through?
Yes! It varies between currencies but it can take up to 15 minutes for a payment to be recognized.

CoinPayments said they recieved my payment. Where are my downloads?
It can take a short while for CoinPayments to notify us about the transaction. Please allow 5-10 minutes and the downloads will show up in your account. If you are a guest then it can take longer as we require a few confirmations on the block chain before sending you your links.

Why do I have to send more funds than my stated total?
Confirming a transaction on the block chain requires a fee. The fee is tied to the user sending the funds. The size of the fee is dependent on the currency used.

I accidentally sent too much or I payed twice! What do I do?
After the transaction has been completed CoinPayments will send you an e-mail with a link to retrieve your extra funds (minus transaction fees).

I sent the funds to the wrong address, now what?
Unfortunately there is nothing we can do. Your funds are lost. Please always make sure to double-check the address you are sending to as crypto transactions are final and irreversible.